Harry Potter) Unlocked in level 1Edit

Ron Weasley)Unlocked in Level 2Edit

Hermione Granger) Unlocked in Level 3Edit

Harry (Texedo) Unlocked in Madam Malkin`s RobesEdit

Ron (Girl Disguise) Unlocked in Level 2Edit

Hermione (Ballgown) Unlocked in Madam Malkin`s RobesEdit

Professor Dumbledore) Unlocked in Dumbledore`s officeEdit

Professor Dumbledore (Gray) ?Edit

Professor McGonall) Unlocked in The Mannaquin Quidditch RoomEdit

Hagrid) Unlocked in Level 4Edit

Professor Snape) In the Giant Snake RoomEdit

Professor Flitwick) Flitwick`s Classroom BasementEdit

Mad-Eye Moody) Flitwick`s Classroom BasementEdit

Gildorey Lockhart) Unlocked in Level 12Edit

Remus Lupin) Unlocked in Level 17Edit

Remus Lupin (Werewolf) Lupin`s Ability OnlyEdit

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